Digital Audio Stationary Head. A standard format for ensuring compatibility between Sony PCM-model digital multitrack recorders which that use stationary, rather than rotating heads. Originally, the DASH format was designed to support 2-track, 8-track, 16-track, and 24-track recorders using reel-to-reel tape. The 8-track and 16-track machines were never marketed, and a 2-track model is no longer in production. The DASH specification now includes double-density, thin-film heads that allow 48-track recording on the same tape originally used by the 24-track devices. DASH-format machines are backward compatible: 24-track machines can be used with newer models, and a project can be started on a 24-track machine and completed on a 48-track recorder, if needed, as the data from tracks 25-48 are written into the spacing between the original 24 tracks. DASH tapes run 30ips at up to 48kHz, with 44.1kHz and other sampling rates supported. In addition to 24-track or 48-track recording, DASH format provides two analog cue tracks and one track each for control and timecode signals. The format covers a wide range of versions, such as from 2-48 tracks and tape speeds from 12-76cps, and was agreed on by Sony and Studer, among others. DASH format recorders are currently manufactured by Sony and Studer. See also S-DATProDigital.