Channel insert

 An insertion point in a mixer channel which opens up the signal path and allows an outboard device to be inserted in-line. The output point (the place where the signal is routed to the outboard device) is called the channel insert send, and the place where the effected comes back into the mixer is called the channel insert return. The actual point at which the channel signal path is broken with the insert connection is not standard among all consoles. Some are between the preamp and equalizer sections, some after the equalizer, but before the fader, and some are post-fader. Some are switchable with an internal jumper or other modification. If, for example, the channel insert send is post-fader, the fader setting will affect the action of a compressor that is inserted into the channel’s signal path. On the other hand, a post-fader insert is good when it is desirable to send a single channel’s signal direct to a tape track, making the fader into a convenient record-level control. See normalled connection.